LPCA Public Strategies understands that change brings new opportunities, but it also presents new challenges. Administrations change, public opinions shift and corporate priorities evolve. That’s why we built our firm to outlast the ebbs and flows of the business and political world. Staying on top of an ever-changing environment requires a commitment to several important principles: Innovation and Coordination.

INNOVATION: Technology is advancing the way news and information is distributed and can no longer be ignored by any successful group or corporation. Are you taking advantage of social media? Do you stay on top of blogs and non-traditional news sources? We understand that these new mediums provide fresh opportunities, but also distractions. Utilizing our experience in the fast-paced world of public affairs, we help our clients cut through the clutter and take advantage of technology in a way that is both practical and effective. When the environment changes for the client or issue, we take the time to analyze the situation and re-prioritize accordingly.

COORDINATION: We know how to bring people together to get things done. With leadership experience in marketing, political campaigns, economic development and government, we can facilitate the right meeting, contact the right agency, or simply call the right executive to help achieve your goals.